Affirmations are excellent tools to help motivate and help you stay on track. By repeating these short phrases over and over they will eventually be a part of your subconscious mind. Coupling the affirmation with a neat image will cause you to view the affirmation many times. When looking at the image, repeat the affirmation several times.

I will post more affirmations throughout this site.

What Exactly is Motivation

Motivation is directly related to your behavior and is directly connected to the why and how of doing a particular action or task. The easiest way to understand this is to understand why you want to achieve something and in knowing what route you will take to get there. It is so easy to want to change or improve something in your life. The hard part comes shortly after you have started your particular journey. It is so easy to waiver and wander off track, you get sidetracked with other things and your goal becomes nothing but a distant memory.

One of the best ways to describe motivation is to get you to think about those urges and desires that you have. You know, the ones where you want to change your life for the better! So just how do you get the motivation to change and how do you stay motivated over the long term?

If you are unhappy with some area of your life then you no doubt want to make changes. This could include losing weight, changing careers or just learning a new skill. In order to do this you will want to set goals that are within your grasp. A great example of this is suddenly deciding that you are going to run in a marathon. While this is a great goal, if you focus on nothing but running 26 miles, those miles will stretch further into the distance.
Instead what you want to do is break down the 26 miles into smaller parts. Why not focus on running a 5K instead? This will seem much more manageable to you and you can reach your goal faster.

By having a certain goal within your grasp you will stay motivated longer. As you picture yourself reaching that goal you can feel proud of your accomplishment. Once there you can then concentrate on running a half marathon and before you know your goal of running a full marathon will become a reality.

There are many words that can be associated with motivation and these include desire, wants, dreams, wishes, needs, goals and more. Anything that you desire strongly can often be enough motivation in itself. When you feel that your motivation is lacking you may want to refocus and set smaller goals. Sometimes sharing your dreams with someone else can help you stay focused for the long term too.

Staying Focused and Motivated

It is so easy to tell yourself that you are going to accomplish something new, but what happens when this task takes longer than you had allowed for? Your motivation starts to disappear and quite often you give up on the idea altogether.

It definitely can be hard to stay focused on certain things. Weight loss is a fine example of this. If you have ever tried to lose weight you know your enthusiasm is so high for the first week or two. As you make lifestyle changes the pounds drop off quickly and you are feeling great about your efforts.

A few weeks into your diet you plateau and don’t lose any weight. You start to eat a little more or stop exercising as much and then before you know it you have abandoned your goal and have gone back to your old habits.
There are several reasons for this. First you may not have recognized that plateauing is a perfectly normal occurrence when it comes to losing weight. Secondly did you use not losing any weight as an excuse to have that extra treat or to miss a workout? Your mind can do wonderful things and is capable of coming up with hundreds of reasons to not do something.

To stay motivated and focus you can do a number of things including:

  • Set smaller goals
  • Keep a calendar, food tracker or exercise planner
  • Share your goals with someone else
  • Join a group of people with the same goals

By creating smaller goals you won’t feel as overwhelmed when your results start to dwindle or slow down. If you break this down further into weekly targets you can easily stay focused longer. It isn’t as hard to do something new from a Monday to Friday as it is to think about doing it for months at a time.

Next you really need to be honest with yourself. If you have lost 15 pounds before you hit that plateau then congratulate yourself on that achievement. Focus on what you have done and not where you have to go! This is why it is often a good reason to keep photos of your weight loss journey. When you are feeling down take a look at them and remember what you did look like.

By changing your mindset to be more positive you can stay focused with your goals.