Diet Tips – 5

belly-2473_640These are guides and recomendations. Each person is unique in their very own special way. Check out each of the tips but eliminate the ones that don’t jive with your style. If you can find a few of these useful then we have done our job.

Tip 1

It is common sense but we just can’t say it enough. If you burn more calories than you take in then the weight will drop. Start by cutting down, hopefully eliminate, sugar and high fatty foods. Exercise by walking, biking or running thirty minutes three times a week. Avoid driving if your destination is in walking distance. Take stairs instead of the eleator. Elevators can get stuck Help

Tip 2

Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to loosing weight and keeping it off.

Water can serve your appetite by keeping your stomach full. This appetite suppressant will keep you hydrated and reduce your cravings for soft drinks.

Tip 3

Fill up on fruits and vegetables, in particular items with high fiber. Berries are low in calorie and high fiber. Berries are a nice and healthy way to satiate your sweet tooth. Most vegetables provide you with the energy needed to keep your head up and your mind focused throughout the day. Stay away from corn and peas, they contain too much sugar and little to no fiber.

Tip 4

Eat mini meals, stocked with high fiber, protien and plenty of vegatables. Try eating these mini meals 4 – 6 times daily. If you experience low blood sugar then these mini meals are just what the doctor will tell ya. If you must snack then eat small portions of nuts and beans. Almonds, Black Beans, Lima Beans, Pistachio Nuts are some of the common perscriptions

Tip 5

Watch your blood sugar

Lose weight really fast by being active. Sitting at a desk all day slows metabolism and inhibits weight loss. Get up every hour and walk around a little bit. If you want to lose weight really fast then do some type of cardio for 30 minutes a day at least 3 times per week.

When exercise is combined with a low calorie diet weight loss happens at very fast rates and it’s healthy and can bring long term results.

The above five fast weight loss tips are a great way to get started with losing weight and losing it quickly.

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